Happy June everyone! 


We will be off the grid and on vacation until June 13th. Ordering will be turned back on June 14th! I have turned back in stock requests on so make sure you click on that so you are the first to be notified that we are back! 


Please remember that they are all made to order and will ship within 5 to 10 business days. 



Since being established in 2017, Deerly Beloved Co. has focused on hand made gifts made with love. When we first started Deerly Beloved Co. our focus was custom shirts and signs. Over the years that passion has left and we have transitioned into a resin, crochet and sewing business. 2020 had a lot of twists and turns and we are so excited to see what 2021 brings! Interested in a custom or bulk order, send us an email!

We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional service.

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These hours may change again soon. I work 2 jobs and homeschool my daughter. Any messages sent after 11 am on Friday will be responded to on Monday during production hours.